Lightroom quick tip, how much space left on a drive, managed by Lightroom

To find space what space you have left on hard drives that Lightroom manages
Disk Space, photo count, and on/off line status in the header for any drive, Control -click (Mac) | Right -click (Win) on the volume header in the Folder panel and select the desired option from the drop down menu. (Fig 1)
Lightroom also gives a clue to the approximate amount of drive space available via the icon in the folder panel’s header. Green means that you have plenty of free space, yellow that the space is becoming limited and red warns that the drive almost full, so a sort of traffic light system. When the drive header is greyed out, the drive is off-line.
In addition, clicking the + icon on the Folder panel header provides three choice for displaying the Root folder’s. Choose from Folder Name Only, Path from Volume, or both Folder and Path. (Fig 2)
lightroom quick tip,how much space left on drives

lightroom quick tip,how much space left on drives


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