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Fairy glen gorge

Dawn on a spring morning ,at fairy glen gorge

Part of a project to photograph this site through the seasons.Golden spring sunlight pentrates the gorge at Fairy glen,betws y coed,Snowdonia national park.

New web site

Well finally got to work on the new web site today,
       This will be for the foreseeable future run alongside the old one(,and will be aimed more at the fine art print and integrated  e-shop,for a planned expansion of photography related products.
  I expect it will be several weeks yet before it is rolled out as fine tuning what I actually want and trying to make it future proof, in as much as can be done with constant new technologies,hopefully it will also have a fresher look to it.
I also wanted to find a way to integrate all the social media and Internet activity that now seems to play such a big part in photography,and simplify it so it was all accessible(to the viewer)maintainable and up-datable(By me) from a single place,as I seem to be constantly clicking through a growing list of bookmarked admin pages to do the same thing.
So with a list of things to research,images to select and size,new products to finish working on and putting it all …

Red Kites

Red Kites,Gigrin farm

Red kites,Milvus milvus, at Gigrin farm ,a spectacle of over two hundred birds being fed.Late afternoon in spring