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Somerset coast,January 2018

Somerset coast, January 2018

A quick trip down to the Somerset coast today,a site well known for Black redstarts in the winter months,also good site for other birds-Stonechat,Wrens and robins all come quite readily to a few mealworms scattered on the rocks, or even turning over a few bits of seaweed to expose the insects hidden under it

Goldeneye duck

Goldeneye ducks, January 2018

Goldeneye,Bucephala clangula, breeding plumage ,swimming on water coloured by early morning light, late winter.

This was a cold session, but the low winter sun meant a lovely golden tinge to the water.

Winter woodpeckers

Great spotted woodpeckers

A little spell with the woodpeckers recently,although I have photographed them many times and they are pretty easy to attract these days -it wasn't always that w