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Black necked grebe

                                                     Black necked grebe
Black necked grebe, Podiceps nigricollis, on a still lake, early summer morning
Photoshop quick tip While using the crop tool, hitting the X key will rotate the crop from landscape to portrait, and vice versa-handy for a quick look at what the crop would look like,x key again puts it back to how it was.

Roe deer,in a summer meadow

Roe deer, in a summer meadow
                                                                                                       May 2018

There are normally a few Roe deer scattered across these particular meadows, year round and because of the number of footpaths in the area, they seem slightly easier to approach-still not the easiest subjects to get close to, but with these notoriously shy deer, any small decrease in there "circle of fear" improves your chance
  The young Buck in these images still has some of its winter coat, even though it was the last days of May when they where taken

                   Photoshop quick tip Holding down the cmd or ctrl and the Z, is a well known way of undoing your last step in Photoshop-by holding the Alt or option key as well you can in do as many steps as you like