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Slowworms spring 2017

Slowworm; Anguis fragilis;,late spring on Buckinghamkshire heathland,I come across these every year as there seem to be good numbers in this area.And early morning before they warm up they are relitivly easy to photograph
The bottom one has its tongue out ,which these dont seem to do as often as other reptiles

Green-winged Orchids and young rabbits

Rabbits and Orchids

Getting ready for a trip up to Scotland so,fairly local again this week.Back to the young rabbits,which is actually a site I have been looking for yellow wagtails,and the lack of success is told in the images being again young rabbits -still they make nice images and these ones seem so tame I couldnt resist.
   The orchids are really a couple from an ongoing project,taken earlier in the week at a site in Leicestershire

Young Rabbits, spring in Oxfordshire

Young Rabbits
While taking a break from building the new web site ,thought I would take a look around a local rabbit hot-spot

European rabbit,Oryctolagus cuniculus, juvenile feeding by the entrance to its burrow,late spring in Oxfordshire