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Using the Memory setting and FN button on Sony Alpha cameras

Using the Memory setting and FN button on Sony Alpha cameras


This is an often overlooked and under used feature on many camera models, not just Sony Alpha. Partly I think that a lot of people in general do not use their camera anywhere near to its full potential, and stick in fully automatic modes and just move the exposure compensation dial now and again or the other side of the coin where people think they have to dial in the settings every time they change what they are doing—what a waste of time and how many missed shots?? Having a group of settings assigned to a position on the mode dial allows you to quickly change from (for example) action to portrait or static type photography, or still photography to film rather than go through the menu pages changing a setting at a time you have a group of settings dialled in and saved, yes you may have to still alter exposure compensation or aperture –but that is just one setting!! You can go from aperture priority…

Back button focus on Sony “A” mount cameras

December 2018

Back button focusing takes away the focusing operation from the shutter button and assigns it to either a dedicated, or button on the back of the camera assigned by the photographer. Now the normal set up of most wildlife and sports photographers, and now fast gaining popularity amongst the portrait and landscape set owing to the way back button focus works- focus on the subject and remove your finger from the button and you can recompose the scene (for portraits or scenes where the main subject remains static) as the camera no longer refocuses when you push the shutter button half way down. Fast action such as bird in flight or football players running around, pressing and holding the assigned button down, the camera is continuously focusing on the subject (providing the camera is set up to track a moving subject- more on this later. But when the bird or player stops moving, you can instantly go back to focus and recomposing shots without having to make numerous time co…