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European Brown Hare,(2)

Mid March-2018,Brown hares in Suffolk
A few more hares from the weekend, this time a wet day in Suffolk,  the hares where still around but spent a lot of time sitting out the heavy showers

European Brown hare

European Brown hare, 09-03-2018

Its Obviously March again when images of hares start appearing, "mad March", little truth in that as they actually box and chase each other most months, its just more often in spring and more obvious with grass and crops being short
 The images here where taken in Oxfordshire,not an easy place to get photos of these creatures as there numbers are very low and access to the land is difficult to acquire (problems in past years when illegal hare coursing was a problem), and maybe because of this numbers are kept low deliberately by keepers.

  More hares over the weekend over in Suffolk , which holds a good population and doesn't seem to have had the problems on the same scale as other counties, so access to land is easier.