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Little Owls,sunshine and showers

Little owls July2017

Little owl , Athene noctua summer evening in Wiltshire, sunshine and showers during the session lead to some nice images of little owl, perched on old fence post against a diffuse background, of an old brick barn mantling the food during a heavy shower

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Macro insects;July 2017  

                                                             A few Bee and spider macro images   
                                                                  Honey bee and Garden spider

Badgers and partridge round two

Badgers and partridge,July 2017

European badger,Meles meles, feeding during late evening light,mid summer in Wiltshire

                   European Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus,feeeding at the edge of field ,by badger sett

Red legged Partridge,  Alectoris rufa, feeding on rough ground at the edge of a field,late evening,summer in Wiltshire

Badgers and Partridge

July 2017

Spending a bit of time on badgers this year, and not really come together.They come out as it gets dark----When I am there-when I'm not around they are out at seven,typical! nothing wrong with the set up or hide ,just bad luck, as rabbits and partridges are coming to within a couple of feet of me in the hide.
And as July wears on the nights start drawing in ,this could be another work in progress carried over into next year.

                                                      European badger, Meles meles

                                                    Red legged Partridge, Alectoris rufa

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Orchids and Butterflies

Oxfordshire July 2017

Marsh fragrant orchid, Gymnadenia densiflora ,marsh heliborine,Epipactis palustris, and meadow brown butterfly,Maniola jurtina  , from an early morning trip to an Oxfordshire fe. Marsh heliborines already starting to go over with the hot dry weather normally just starting to flower at this site.

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