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Wide angle fungi

Fungi and a wide angle lens, October 2017

 Another session with the fungi over the weekend, this time on some sparsely wooded heathland, which I always find a bit hit and miss as far as fungi go-some of this being that it seems to get heavily picked as several of the more edible fungi(ceps being main prize) grow here, and a certain group of people seem to pick everything in sight and sort out the edible afterwards. Being an SSSI and with signs everywhere(in a number of languages) stating this is not allowed you would think it would stop some of this at least, but little or no notice seems to be taken.
   This sight is also part of a larger park where the managing authority takes large sums of money in concessionary,and car park fees, but do not seem to put any of this into preventing large scale picking of fungi, which begs the question of what the income is used for.
   Still, moaning aside ,I was out a little earlier than the pickers this time and found a …

Red foxes in Essex


A trip into Essex to photograph red foxes ,with the weather holding up, and a nice bright evening there where several foxes out and about feeding


More fungi

October 2017

Another session with the fungi. All from the same site as previous post, plenty around at the moment, and a good variety-still more to process, but a few for now